[E-voting] NIST recommend decertifying paperless voting machines

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Dec 7 17:49:02 GMT 2006

At the meeting they voted to ignore the NIST recommendations because 
election offices had already bought their existing machines.  (Someone 
suggested this was like recommending you keep driving a car with a gas 
tank that exploded for one tenth of customers, just because you'd 
already "invested" in it.)  They suggested that these ideas be looked at 
for the future (i.e. that would mean several years into the future--and 
even then they are still only "recommendations" and not requirements).



Michael McMahon wrote:
> However, it's only a discussion draft, and was used as input to a 
> meeting held on Dec 4-5.
> I hope that the recommendations weren't watered down at the meeting.

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