[E-voting] On postal voting

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Fri Dec 15 14:48:22 GMT 2006

I read a strong endorsement of postal voting in the NY Times 
a couple of days ago - not something most members of this list
would like to hear, I suspect.
[I think the author worked for the US Postal Service,
which might have affected his/her views.]

 Since Oregon adopted Vote by Mail as its sole voting option in 1998,
the state's turnout has increased, concerns about fraud have decreased,
a complete paper trail exists for every election,
recounts are non-controvertible and both major political parties have gained 
Moreover, in doing away with voting machines, polling booths,
precinct captains and election workers,
the state estimates that it saves up to 40 percent over the cost of a 
traditional election.

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