[E-voting] Help with STV issue and eVoting.

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Wed Feb 1 21:50:58 GMT 2006


Pierre Muller and me are subscribed to a french speaking/writing
mailing-list (voteelec.quebec-request at ml.free.fr?subject=subscribe)
where Canadian (from Quebec) discuss about the recent failure of first
attempt at eVoting for local election.

They are also interested in STV and STV-PR because there is an electoral
reform discussion taking place at the moment.

We (Pierre and Me) see STV as a trojan horse for introducing eVoting
just like most "advanced" vote expression/counting method.

If you read/write french you may want to help us bring your experience
on this matter. If you don't speak french, well guess what... Canada is
speaking english for the majority of the population and there should be
other place where STV and/or eVoting is discussed in english.

Thanks for your help.


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