[E-voting] Help with STV issue and eVoting.

Ciaran Quinn election at polarbears.com
Wed Feb 1 23:03:36 GMT 2006

David GLAUDE wrote:
> Hello,
> Pierre Muller and me are subscribed to a french speaking/writing
> mailing-list (voteelec.quebec-request at ml.free.fr?subject=subscribe)
> where Canadian (from Quebec) discuss about the recent failure of first
> attempt at eVoting for local election.
> They are also interested in STV and STV-PR because there is an electoral
> reform discussion taking place at the moment.
> We (Pierre and Me) see STV as a trojan horse for introducing eVoting
> just like most "advanced" vote expression/counting method.
> If you read/write french you may want to help us bring your experience
> on this matter. If you don't speak french, well guess what... Canada is
> speaking english for the majority of the population and there should be
> other place where STV and/or eVoting is discussed in english.
British Columbia had a referendum last year on whether to introduce STV 
for provincial elections. The referendum got 58% support but 60% was 
required for the measure to be passed. They have decided to have another 
referendum on STV in November 2008.

As far as I know, they plan to use computers in the vote counting 
process. They are planning to use "Robson rotation"  on the ballot 
papers ie. candidates names are rotated so that if a party has 5 
candidates, 20% of the ballot papers have A as the first candidate for 
the party, 20% have B, etc.

Ciaran Quinn
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