[E-voting] Help with STV issue and eVoting.

Marian Beddill beddill at nas.com
Thu Feb 2 05:08:51 GMT 2006

Indeed, someone COULD try to use this as a preliminary to DRE's / e-voting.  

But there is a way out.  

Distinguish the functions of VOTING (marking and collecting) from the functions of COUNTING VOTES (tallying). 

DRE's are not required for an STV system if voting is done on paper, using Op-Scannable "v.v.p.a.t." ballots (even with machines at pollsites doing ballot-reading and saving there), since only the tallying (counting) must be done by a computer.  

Indeed, it is these days almost a given that an STV-type election would have to be processed by a computer for the "vote-transfers".  But it is also true that STV could ONLY be done at the central-count, since the SECOND (and following, if needed) tallies would have to incorporate ALL the ballots from all the polling-sites within the jurisdiction -- it cannot be done at the distributed collection points.  

Thus, paper ballots (for a v.v.p.a.t.) counted at the Central, works fine and without requiring e-voting.

Marian Beddill
(eu posso traduzir isto para portugues, mas nao frances)

At 2/1/2006  01:50 PM, David wrote:
>They are also interested in STV and STV-PR because there is an electoral
>reform discussion taking place at the moment.
>We (Pierre and Me) see STV as a trojan horse for introducing eVoting
>just like most "advanced" vote expression/counting method.
>If you read/write french you may want to help us bring your experience
>on this matter. 
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