[E-voting] RE: Epic leak of commission report

Shane Hogan shane at askaboutmoney.com
Sun Jul 2 22:38:20 IST 2006

>Should the report be as clear as indicated, the opposition should really
>really try to hammer home that there was a gap of some 8 days, 2
>joint-select committee meetings and a recommendation from that committee
>that no money be spent on the system between when the Oireachtas was
>informed in no uncertain terms of the clear problems and the contract
>being signed under his authorisation.
>This basic fact of timing has totally eluded the press and politicians
>in the last two years.

I agree, and I'll be doing my best to make this happen in Labour, but let's
not leave it to us politicos. ICTE & ICTE members should really be hammering
home this issue too, and indeed it may get more respect coming from an
independent source.

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