[E-voting] Second report published

Pádraig Brady P at draigBrady.com
Tue Jul 4 15:38:49 IST 2006

Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> http://www.cev.ie/htm/report/download_second.htm

"Since the chosen electronic system does not have [VVAT], and while it does provide features to
facilitate a degree of independent audit in its vote counting function, together with features that
facilitate audit at the administrative level and confirmation of statutory compliance, it is not subject
to any meaningful independent audit of its vote recording function. Thus the paper system is
superior in this respect."

"Taking all of these factors into account it is clear that voter trust in the existing paper system has
long been firmly established. Although public trust in electronic voting generally might well be
enhanced by the use of an alternative system incorporating a voter verifiable audit trail, public trust
in the chosen electronic system as currently proposed remains to be established."

"The Commission concludes that it can recommend the voting and counting equipment of the chosen
system for use at elections in Ireland, subject to further work it has also recommended, but that it is
unable to recommend the election management software for such use."


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