[E-voting] Second report published

Adrian Colley aecolley at spamcop.net
Tue Jul 4 17:14:27 IST 2006

page 12:
"The embedded C code software within the voting machine and
programming/reading unit is of an adequate standard and, while it is
not of mission critical standard, there is evidence to suggest that it
has been developed according to a recognisable structured design
process which is broadly in accordance with industry best practice."

So, it's not of mission-critical standard, but it's OK for the odd
election?  Just below, the CEV says: "modification and further
investigation of the behaviour of the embedded C code software would
be necessary before its reliability could be confirmed for use at
elections in Ireland".  This is good news, because the system's
defenders can't even claim that the voting machines are OK -- they
need reprogramming according to the CEV.


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