[E-voting] Second report published

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Not sure if its Frank Bannister from looking at the TCD Policy institute website.

I think the risk model is poor - there is one done for the Reachservices Public Service Broker system which is publically available that is significantly superior and could have served a model. (see http://www.reach.ie/publications/ Paper 6 Broker Security Model - Pgs 59 -91)

My problem is that with a poor risk model the analysis is flawed and I'm concerned that they've let the vote recording software off the hook because of a poor model


P.s. Its interesting to contrast the openess and availability of information on reachservice - whatever you think of it - with how difficulty it was to get similar information on the e-voting system

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>>> Anyone have any idea why the Assessment of Risks (Appendix 
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>>their qualifications in threat models and risk assessment for 
>>IT Systems are ?
>>Is this Frank Bannister again (not at a browser right now) ? 
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