[E-voting] Leak of report to Dick Roche

Ryan Meade ryan at meade.net
Wed Jul 5 15:06:39 IST 2006

This may be outside of the scope of this list, but I have been following
up the question of how Bertie was able to tell the Dáil that he had
already seen the Commission's report, as Minister Dick Roche had
received a copy at the weekend.

I spoke to Alan Murphy of the Commission's secretariat, and he was
adamant that the Commission had not given the Minister a copy of the
report.  He said the Commission had consulted with the Department during
the preparation of the report, which included providing the Department
with a draft copy for comment, but this is obviously not what the
Taoiseach was referring to.

He was very keen to emphasise that if the Minister got his hands on a
copy of the report, it was not given to him by the CEV.

Next step is to see if the Minister's office will tell me how they came
by this report.

On a political point, I thought it was interesting that Bertie didn't
consider it necessary to hide the fact that he'd received a leak.  It is
now so commonplace for the Government to secure advance access to
material not available to the opposition that it seems it's hardly worth
commenting on.


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