[E-voting] First draft press release

Margaret McGaley mmcgaley at cs.nuim.ie
Wed Jul 5 15:12:53 IST 2006

I forgot to add Adrian's point about the error they found where the 
machine displayed one thing and did another. Do you want to add a quote 
about that Adrian? (so it's not all from me :) )


Margaret McGaley wrote:

> Irish Citizens for Trustworthy Evoting (ICTE) today welcomed the 
> release of the Commission on Electronic Voting's second report on the 
> secrecy and accuracy of the Nedap/Powervote e-voting system. "We are 
> satisfied that this report vindicates our concerns about this e-voting 
> system, particularly the need for a voter verified paper audit trail 
> (p153,4) and the need to entirely replace the vote-management section 
> of the system (p14)" said Margaret McGaley, spokesperson for ICTE.
> In response to Minister Roche's determination to continue with the 
> introduction of this system, Ms McGaley highlighted highlighted the 
> expense the necessary modifications would entail. "We should not 
> decide to use this system without doing a full cost-benefit analysis. 
> The changes laid out by the commission are extensive. They will 
> require a significant investment of both time and money to implement, 
> and we need to ask if this system is worth it. The €60 million that 
> has been spent to date is gone and the futher investment of several 
> years, and millions of euro, will not bring it back."
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