[E-voting] re: First draft press release

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed Jul 5 18:10:42 IST 2006

Sorry to be so brief--just back from Dublin--congrats to Mags on great 
interviews on RTE I Morning Ireland and for Belgian TV documentary; 
kudos as well to Joe McCarthy on his media appearances, and to others 
not mentioned.  Bravo one and all.

I agree with Keith's point (mentioning the pilot tests that failed but 
that were touted as successes)
Dermot's point (esp. 2nd half) is best left out--we need to be tight and 
focus on the main facts and not get emotional.  The biggest challenge in 
this issue is to educate the media, general public, civil servants & 
elected representatives.  There is no point getting political because it 
will close down hearing by some who need to hear & learn.  ICTE is not 
political and it should stay that way.

"Extensive changes" will be more powerful if made more specific: 
(mention that at least 41 changes are called for, some of them involving 
starting crucial software development from /less than/ square one, since 
better methodology, development processes and testing must also be 
developed before the software writing can begin. )

And say more about the degree of testing that is called for--not only of 
all the new or modified components, but of many things which have not 
been tested at all so far but which should have been (e.g. end-to-end 
testing, hack testing, and more detailed review of the code than was 
possible here)--and the implication for costs.


Keith Martin wrote:

> I think that a reference to the Dublin West & Dublin North election  
> problems (bad tallies between the paper record and the electronic)  
> should be mentioned again (even just a single line).  Bertie & Dick  
> keep claiming the system worked perfectly when it was used.
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