[E-voting] Next press release

Robert Cochran rcochran at catalyst.ie
Thu Jul 6 20:20:10 IST 2006


> Thoughts?

I think we also need to state clearly that when the count software is being 
redeveloped, then
(a) the tendering process must be transparent 

(at least to ensure public confidence that the selected company has a clear 
track record of building high quality secure systems with best practice 
development processes; and that the tender request specifies those 

(b) the system requirements spec and the source code should both be 
released to open peer review, in order to ensure trust in the system 

(by open review, I don't mean open source - which would be politically 
unacceptable I imagine - rather than they are made available for inspection 
by anyone, and a public change control process put in place to deal with 
any necessary suggested changes which arise from that)


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