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well done on your interview. A prepared press release is a good idea.

One possible title comes from your interview on RTE

"52 Million Later we're still better off with paper"

Another point to note is that the 52 million in in Finance terms a 'sunk cost' and should be ignored in any future rational analysis.  Of course its difficult to do this.



p.s. I'm not sure that on a cost benefit basis this will ever make sense.
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I've been thinking about how long it took us to get that press release 
out. I think it's a shame that we were so late with it. I propose that 
we start work on another release and plan to use it at an opportune time 
(if the minister makes some kind of statement or something). I think we 
should probably cover the following: VVAT (obviously), the call for an 
electoral commission (in the CEV report, and in the CoE code of good 
practice in electoral matters [1]), and the need for in-depth 
cost/benefit analysis before any decision is made to go ahead with the 



[1] http://www.venice.coe.int/docs/2002/CDL-AD(2002)023rev-e.asp

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