[E-voting] Next press release

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Jul 6 22:15:35 IST 2006

Dermot: p.s. I'm not sure that on a cost benefit basis this will ever make sense.

Exactly!  Which is why it's so important to do this kind of analysis.

Also, because of the need to do a proper cost/benefit analysis (and 
Margaret perhaps also revisit some of the questionable conclusions such 
as the risk analysis and the arguments that can be made for an even high 
level of criticality) we shouldn't assume in our wording that the fixes 
will be done.  It should be if, not when.  In the unlikely event that 
the cost of fixing this system can be justified, etc. . .   We need to 
keep reinforcing that this system should not be used, ever.  It doesn't 
make sense to throw more money after this kind of system.  It would be 
like spending money trying to make a hippopotamus look like a cat--no 
matter what you spend it's not going to be satisfactory.


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