[E-voting] Today's Irish Times

David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Fri Jul 7 23:26:46 IST 2006

In Belgium I discovered that they were aquiring new voting machine at
almost every election year.

They had to deal with:
1) Replacing failing equipement (like bios battery leaking on the mother
2) Aquiring new equipement for 10 year old equipement
3) Aquiring because there was too long queue at previous election
4) Aquiring because new elector can vote (EU member and now anybody that
was legally in Belgium for 5 year and ask for the right to vote)
5) Aquiring because there are more elector in that locality

The problem they face currently is problem number 4.
There is a hudge potential for new elector (EU and non-EU) that can
register until the 31th of July.
If they all do, we have to aquire a hudge number of voting machine. ;-)
Unfortunately they don't register in mass.

Currently, in Brussels region it seems that they are exchanging voting
machine were some place have too many and other place have too few.

Printing a few more paper ballot can be done very fastly a few
days/weeks before the election but aquiring new voting machine must be
carefully planned...

Also it easyer to detect fault in election management when it is on
paper... Once they forgot a party in a local election (done by
computer). They could have detected that earlyer if done on paper
because once you see the paper ballot you know something is wrong. But
on the computer, the problem was detected the day of the election... too
late to make new floppies.


Stan Nangle wrote:
> IIRC, back in the mists of time, someone on this list did a calculation of the available 
> time for each voter based on the current number of machines, and the average number of 
> voters who vote in an election.
> I think the answer was an average of less than three minutes per voter, and there is a 
> clause in the legislation which allows the Presiding Officer to reset the machine if a 
> voter takes too long before casting their vote.
> OTOH, can anybody imagine Dick Roche standing up in the Dail to announce they are going 
> to buy 7000 additional machines because they got their sums wrong?
> This is definitely a topic we should consider highlighting in a future Release IMHO.

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