[E-voting] proposed press release -- ICTE PREDICT E-VOTING

Ciaran Quinn election at polarbears.com
Sat Jul 8 15:53:31 IST 2006

Shane Hogan wrote:
>> There are 14,000 voting booths in the paper system, and the state 
>> currently own 7,000 voting machines. Without any of the necessary 
>> modifications listed by the commission, the cost of using this system 
>> for Irish elections would start at 35,000,000.
>> [ends]
>> * This calculation is based on the following assumptions:
>> No. of machines - 7,500
>> No. of voters     - 1.8 million (this is the figure from the 2002 
>> general election, rounded down)
>>        --> No. of voters per machine - 240
>> No. of minutes (14 hour day)  - 840
>>        --> average time per voter - 3.5 minute
> Don’t forget that each voting machine requires a dedicated operator to sit at the machine for the full day to enable the machine for voting (on receipt of a token) and disable the machine after each vote.
> So in addition to the capital costs of the machine, the extra 7,500 machines would add about another €1 million to the manpower running costs of each election.
Is there any information about how many voting machines were actually 
used in Meath, Dublin North and Dublin West? Was if proportional to 
their share of 7500 machines? I know there was only 1 election but I 
don't recall queueing being an issue.

Obviously VVAT would making voting slower as people would have to check 
that their votes had been recorded accurately. The confirmation option 
recommended by the CEV would also slow down voting.

One way of cutting down on queueing is to amalgamate polling stations. 
Voting will be quicker if 1000 people vote in 1 polling station with 2 
machines than if 500 people vote at 2 separate polling stations with 1 
machine each (although obviously voters will take longer to get to the 
polling station). The first CEV report noted that use of the Nedap 
system in the Netharlands and Germany had led to a reduction in polling 
stations. This could be an issue in less densely populated areas - there 
was a minor controversy in South Kerry in 2002 about the closure of a 
small very remote polling station.



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