[E-voting] proposed press release -- ICTE PREDICT E-VOTING

Aengus Lawlor aengusl at eircom.net
Sat Jul 8 16:30:29 IST 2006

On Saturday, July 08, 2006 10:53 AM [EDT],
Ciaran Quinn <election at polarbears.com> wrote:

> Obviously VVAT would making voting slower as people would have to
> check that their votes had been recorded accurately. The confirmation
> option recommended by the CEV would also slow down voting.

The simplest way to do VVAT would be to use the machines as "ballot 
printers". The machine prints out a ballot which you then take and put in a 
seperate ballot box. Nice, neat ballots that don't have any accidental 
spoiling, or legal arguments about what the voter really meant, machine 
readable if Bertie wants to demonstrate what a high tech powerhouse we are 
(I wish someone would get him to explain how importing voting machines 
proves that we're high tech), and a clause that allows the Returning Officer 
to permit the use of pencil and paper in the event that there are delays of 
15 minutes or longer (so that they would only be used in batches, and you 
couldn't identify a single users ballot by virtue of the fact that it was 

The meeja get fast preliminary results from the machine totals if they want 
them, but the actual, official result is based on the manual count the 
following day. (Which will not match the machine count, because people will 
be able to get a replacement ballot if they get the first one wrong, but the 
machine won't know that).

FF can even save some political face by not wasting €45M worth of hardware.


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