[E-voting] RE: E-voting Digest, Vol 39, Issue 14

Keith Martin keith at keith.gs
Sun Jul 9 12:13:45 IST 2006

Actually, the polling stations stay open longer than 8 hours, so it's likely
to be closer to two man-days per machine.  In 2004, stations were open from
around 7am to 10pm, if I remember correctly. 

>------Shane Hogan wrote:------
>Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 00:34:02 +0100
>From: "Shane Hogan" <shane at askaboutmoney.com>
>Subject: [E-voting] proposed press release -- ICTE PREDICT E-VOTING
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>>Those extra operators would also require training.  Were training costs
>included in your 
>b,1million estimate?
>No - just 1 man-day for each of the 7,500 machines at b,150 per day.	

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