[E-voting] Important webpage documenting historcal problems with voting machines

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Mon Jul 10 16:39:48 IST 2006

This is from Lynn Lande's website.  If you are not familiar with this 
material, you really should have a look.  The problems with voting 
machines go way back in time--this list starts at 1968.


*This list is no longer kept current.*  In some cases more information 
about earlier fraud is known now compared to when this list was compiled 
(the 2000 Florida Volusia County irregularities comes to mind).   
However this list is an excellent source of information about the 
existence of widespread problems, as well as the consistent reaction of 
election officials and public prosecutors: to /not investigate/ obvious 

Perusing this list should demonstrates conclusively that attempts will 
be made to tamper with any and all kinds of election systems, 
irrespective of the technology involved.  Electronic voting systems 
typically offer many more attack points and less auditability, and offer 
the opportunity to control results from an entire election.  Those who 
claim that attempts to tamper with an electronic voting machine are 
unlikely to occur, can be shown how wrong they are by a quick read of 
this list.


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