[E-voting] Mexico election fraud links

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Mon Jul 10 18:24:45 IST 2006

Thanks to laotra at Democratic Underground
(This one is especially good, because it goes into the detail of the 
kinds of malfeasance uncovered so far and puts them into their local 
political context.)

Thanks to Bruce Sims at BBV

Thanks to autorank at Democratic Underground

Also see Greg Palast at www.gregpalast.com

Short summary--there is lots of evidence of multiple forms of election 
fraud.  The question--like that in the USA--is whether or not the 
official procedures will be followed or not, and whether or not the 
fraud will receive any form of serious investigation.  If Mexico's good 
election laws are followed, every ballot packet where there is any 
question about tampering or illegible totals is supposed to be opened 
and hand-counted.  But for some strange reason (!) this is not 
happening.  Among blatant large-scale tampering (ballot packets turning 
up in the dump) there is apparently vote-shaving going on (1 or 2 
ballots for Obrador being counted incorrectly for Calderon, in every 
precinct examined so far.)  As per the BBV link above there are also 
claims of electronic voting tampering going on.  (And the Mexican voting 
machines were programmed by a relative of the supposed front-runner, 
Calderon.  This is eerily similar to some of the big election upsets 
mentioned in my recent post about USA "historical" voting machine fraud.)

We need to highlight the inadequate following of whatever weak or strong 
procedures are supposed to be applied.  Whether in Ireland, the USA, or 
now in Mexico, there is no enforcement, no investigation, and no one is 
punished or held accountable even when there is obvious gross negligence 
or outright tampering.  (Remember in Ireland where electronic voting 
machines were used even though their tamper-proof seals were broken?)  
Irregularities (even glaring ones) are routinely explained away as 
"glitches" or "pollworker error".

The difference in Mexico is that the people are taking to the streets 
(over 100,000 according to CNN; real figures may be higher). 
We'll see what effect this has, and whether or not all the questionable 
packets of ballots get opened or not.


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