[E-voting] Today's Irish Times

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Thu Jul 13 13:47:09 IST 2006

Joe McCarthy wrote:
> The Minister's proposal of a "peer review group (drawn from 
> international electoral reform bodies and the IT industry) to 
> supervise any software redesign work" is just a stop-gap exercise to 
> postpone matters until after the next election. This will be another 
> non-statutory expensive delaying mechanism.
In fairness though, if you just read the executive summary of the 
report, you
might reasonably get the impression that the only significant piece of 
work is the
reimplementation of the election management software. Only when you read 
the details
do you see that both hardware and software changes are required for the 
voting machines as well.
For example, the usability issues identified in part3 could be extremely 
costly to fix. There isn't
any suggestion provided either as to how they might be fixed.

Even if we don't accept the CEV's analysis, it is worth pointing out 
that the government
has misunderstood the report.


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