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I was waiting to hear back from this chap as to whether it would be okay
to post his report to the list!

I don't see any breakdown of party representation amongst the
respondents, but I would guess that the opposition parties are
over-represented.  Having said that, the percentage in favour of VVAT is
striking - 82%

Also interesting is the fact that the majority of respondents have not
bought the Government's main selling points for e-voting - most don't
agree that e-voting has the potential to improve voter turnout, public
interest in the democratic process, Ireland's reputation as a
"technology leader" (Bertie's current favourite), or the service
provided to voters.  A majority do believe that it has the potential to
improve the future administration and cost of elections, something which
has not been demonstrated to date.


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TCD ran a survey of Oireachtas members on eVoting back in February.   
The results have just been released today.  You can see a copy of the  
report at
(I have nothing to do with this group - I just got sent a copy of the

The results are interesting enough.


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