[E-voting] eVoting Survey - TCD

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Fri Jul 14 15:09:17 IST 2006

Thank you for posting that link.

This is an important document--and it shows where we have our work cut 
out for us.  It seems that in the eyes of the respondants, we've been 
effective in changing the public opinion in relation to e-voting, but we 
haven't been very effective in relation to changing their own opinion.  
(Yet they believe the public's understanding is "poor".)

There seems to be a major information gap regarding e-voting's actual 
"accuracy" and reliability.  Also, there seems to be an information gap 
regarding security.  There is little awareness of issues concerning 
audits (based on number of mentions in relevant questions).  Ditto 
regarding testing.  They know the term paper trail and strongly think 
there should be one, but these results indicate naivete about procedures 
and implementation. 

There are numerous other points raised by this--e.g., responses as to 
who should be able to have access to the code.

This survey reveals that most respondants are less informed than they 
believe themselves to be.


Keith Martin wrote:

> TCD ran a survey of Oireachtas members on eVoting back in February.   
> The results have just been released today.  You can see a copy of the  
> report at
> http://www.keith.gs/electronic%20voting%20survey%20results.pdf
> (I have nothing to do with this group - I just got sent a copy of the 
> report).
> The results are interesting enough.

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