[E-voting] eVoting fiasco - is this the beginning of the end?

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Mon Mar 6 16:30:28 GMT 2006

Catherine Ansbro wrote:
> I heard that, too, Joe, and I interpreted it the same way.
> The Ireland on Sunday perspective is more worrying--but I've no idea 
> as to the accuracy of their information.  How on earth could €10 
> million make the system "completely secure, tamper free and above 
> reproach"?  Who would determine whether or not these standards were 
> met, and on what grounds?  If true, this would be a set-up for another 
> PPARS situation.  You could throw another €20 million or €30 million 
> or more at the system, and still not address the problem.  (I wonder 
> how they came up with the figure of €10 million?  A nice, big-sounding 
> number?  Sounds like the kind of back-of-the-envelope estimates the 
> NRA did in the past.)
> Catherine
It could be that Nedap/Powervote are quoting that figure for adding VVAT 
plus whatever other software changes are needed to implement a paper trail.

But, I suspect the Minister's staff would be opposed to it, and hence 
the conflicting


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