[E-voting] Disinformation about Ireland

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Fri Mar 24 04:19:04 GMT 2006

I have to speak in a conference organized by the association of French
large municipalities. This is our first real public event. Nedap
importer probably funded the conference. It could be adversarial...

I remind that Ireland don't want to use Nedap machines as often as I
can. I am wondering how to contradict some disinformation :
1) CEV report is empty : I read it (partially yet), and I found a lot of
precious information in the appendixes. In this list too. I have the answer.

2) Ireland didn't use the machines because of political fuss/stuff. What
would you answer ? When did it really become political

3) I have noticed a weird marketing : they pretend that their machines
are not computers (easy to contradict: PTB report mentions a 68000
processor and a 25000 lines source code). This leads to silly
declarations from municipalities' election staffs: "these machines are
secure because there are not computers, but only
mechanical/electrical/electronic devices"  :-D

I noticed something similar from Liberty (US importer) : "our machines
are secure because they don't contain software, but only firmware".

Anything similar in Ireland ?

Thanks for your help.
Just for fun : did anybody notice the "geographical argument" that your
government recently used (concerning VVAT) ?

"A spokesman said it was aware of the legal requirements of some
American states but added: “We are closer to Berlin than Boston..."


Pierre Muller, webmaster of http://www.recul-democratique.org
French citizens critical of e-voting.

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