[E-voting] PAC looks into costs ... 3rd year running

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Fri Mar 24 10:01:25 GMT 2006

Good question.  I wonder if some were put out of service.  I wonder who 
had/has access to them. . .

6 were the original prototypes, but Joe McCarthy's spreadsheet showed 
them as being converted to the updated software (ESI2) so I assumed they 
were usable.

At some point maybe we should ask under FOI for an accounting of the 
serial number of each machine, its movements and current location.  
Would it be possible to get this info?


Pierre Muller wrote:

>Catherine Ansbro a écrit :
>>I assume this is for 7306 voting machines in total, going from Joe
>>McCarthy's info on total e-voting costs. 
>A detail: CEV report mentions 6972 machines (apppendix 2C, page 168,
>about the 37500 votes simulated). I could understand that their report
>was written before the buying of the last 300 machines, but where are
>the missing 28 ?

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