[E-voting] Weird marketing - was: Disinformation about Ireland

Pierre Muller pmmaillists at free.fr
Wed Mar 29 23:34:22 IST 2006

Thanks for all your answers (some were private). Never too long,
Catherine : I print everything.

There seem to be a pattern about this "weird marketing". I will
seek in Germany and in the Netherlands.

IMHO, it is not so anecdotal. I don't only want to complete our web page
"collection of howlers". Even though it has a great popularity...
Exactly like the checksums, I think this is a deception. E-voting is
blind trust : let's break this trust. Detecting a pattern across Nedap
importers would be nice.

I was told "We had government ministers saying that the machines were
not computers."
Do you remember a name, a reference, a link to a media ?

Adrian Colley a écrit :
>> I noticed something similar from Liberty (US importer) : "our machines
>> are secure because they don't contain software, but only firmware".
>> Anything similar in Ireland ?
> Somewhat similar -- we were told that the voting machine's software is
> tamperproof because it computes its own checksum and displays it on
> the screen for the presiding officer to see.
There is an evidence of this in the PTB report. Is this also in the
electoral staff handbooks or any other document ? I don't think this is
the case in France, and I don't have access to all handbooks.

Pierre Muller, webmaster of http://www.recul-democratique.org
French citizens critical of e-voting.

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