[E-voting] experience with VVAT

David GLAUDE dglaude at ael.be
Fri Mar 31 21:18:58 IST 2006

Whatever if that pressure or influance is theoretical or real, it is not
compatible with free and fair election.

You think that no-one blowed the whistle... but what would you do in a
situation were you were more or less explicitly pressured to vote one
way by the one who bring money to the home or such... especially if you
do not care at all about politics and your vote.

Even more dangerous than pressure and influance, there is the false
allegation of vote under influance. A kind of denial of service for
election where many citizen clame to have had their vote stolen by the
persone they live with.

It is impossible to proof or disproof and would bring suspition to the
election result (just like finding paper ballot in a garbage collector
the day after the election... with of course most of those ballot for a
specific candidate).

What do you think?


Marian Beddill wrote:
> A true, greater concern, would be group-pressure for voters to vote in a
> certain way - by any person who had a domineering relationship with a
> group of voters.  That surely happens in households, and may happen in
> organizations.  Postal voting probably increases that effect, but since
> we have already had postal voting for years with permanent "absentee",
> the rate of such influence likely did not change between 75% postal and
> 100% postal balloting.  And, there have been NO instances reported, nor
> complaints filed, against such perpetrators, and I believe there would
> have been at least one hardy soul who would have blown the whistle over
> the years.  In my county - none.
> We think it is not perfect, but is the least worst of all our options.
> Marian Beddill

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