[E-voting] experience with VVAT

David GLAUDE dglaude at ael.be
Fri Mar 31 22:05:29 IST 2006

I believe that what ever the level of education you do on "how not to
spoil your ballot"... you will always have unintended spoiling.

Let's assume that people that do "unintended spoiling" would, in front
of a computer call for help as they fail to understand what is wrong or
how to go on with the vote. This mean someone will help them vote.

What do you prefer? Having a lost vote or a vote under the help of the
poll worker?

Also don't forget that you will frustrate those that do want to do
intended spoiling.

A friend of mine counted the number of elector that called for help in
the place where he was working the election day. He counted 1 out of 17.
Of course not all of the elector in trouble called for help... some
prefered not to feel ridiculous. Some prefered not to come to vote as
they knew that there would be a computer to face.


Michael McMahon wrote:
> Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 11:03:28AM +0100, Michael McMahon wrote:

>> I'm the complete opposite. I'd buy ballot printers, and nothing else.
>> Gets rid of confusion about possible spoiled ballots and helps the
>> voter make sure their ballot is cast correctly.
> That seems like a very expensive solution for the problem of unintended
> spoiling
> of votes. It would be a lot cheaper to just run a few ads on the telly,
> explaining
> how not to spoil your vote, which I think should be done anyway.

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