[E-voting] more on the e-voting vulnerabilities

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed May 17 13:47:41 IST 2006

*Report Claims Very Serious Diebold Voting Machine Flaws*
Thursday May 11, 2006 by Ed Felten
[This entry was written by Avi Rubin <http://www.avirubin.com/> and Ed 

[Catherine--Note that the timeline has some omissions.  It omits all 
BlackBoxVoting.org's pre-2006 investigations and reports, it omits info 
given by Bev Harris to Doug Jones at earlier dates, and it omits Bev 
Harris's discovery of the Diebold source code on an unprotected ftp 
site.  It also omits BBV's discovery of numerous other Diebold memos and 
documents which played a role in exposing Diebold's voting machine 
vulnerabilities, the company's awareness of the vulnerabilities, and the 
company's conscious decision to lie to its customers by publicly denying 
the vulnerabilities. 

These omissions are significant because they helped guide the computer 
scientists in their own studies.  These scientists have questions to 
answer regarding what they did not find and for what they chose not to 
mention despite the national security implications of having insecure 
voting machines.

The article is still worth reading, but it would have been nice if it 
had given credit where credit is due.

Note also that problems have plagued voting machines by other 
companies.  However we have not had the same kind of access to either 
code or actual voting machines to permit independent inspection to take 

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