[E-voting] New Fears of Security Risks in Electronic Voting Systems

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Wed May 17 22:20:59 IST 2006

*New Fears of Security Risks in Electronic Voting Systems
*New York Times
May 11, 2006

With primary election dates fast approaching in many states, officials 
in Pennsylvania and California issued urgent directives in recent days 
about a potential security risk in their Diebold Election Systems 
touch-screen voting machines, while other states with similar equipment 
hurried to assess the seriousness of the problem.

*"It's the most severe security flaw ever discovered in a voting 
system,"* said Michael I. Shamos, a professor of computer science at 
Carnegie Mellon University who is an examiner of electronic voting 
systems for Pennsylvania, where the primary is to take place on Tuesday.

Officials from Diebold and from elections' offices in numerous states 
minimized the significance of the risk and emphasized that there were no 
signs that any touch-screen machines had been tampered with. But 
computer scientists said the problem might allow someone to tamper with 
a machine's software, some saying *they preferred not to discuss the 
flaw at all for fear of offering a roadmap to a hacker. *

*"This is the barn door being wide open, while people were arguing over 
the lock on the front door," *said Douglas W. Jones, a professor of 
computer science at the University of Iowa, a state where the primary is 
June 6. . . {more}


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