[E-voting] HBO "Hacking Democracy" to air tonight - REVIEWS

Catherine Ansbro cansbro at eircom.net
Thu Nov 2 17:31:02 GMT 2006

Is there any way we can see this programme here in Ireland? I think HBO 
will be airing it for a month in the USA.


11-2-06: HBO "Hacking Democracy" to air tonight -- REVIEWS
*Airs Nov. 2 on HBO at 9 pm Eastern (check local listings)

/New York Times/: "Rigged voting in Louisiana? Say it ain’t so. But it’s 
not shocked-shocked you feel watching this; it’s genuine shock. As the 
drama proceeds, adducing more evidence for the unreliability of the 
voting machines than can possibly be explored here, you might also feel 
flattened. Computers count around 80 percent of votes in America. The 
marketing director for Diebold, Mark Radke, who defends both the company 
and its chief executive ... talks in maddening doublespeak and wears the 
arched-eyebrow expression of a silent-movie fiend. His Nixon-era 
nondenial denials turn the stomach.

/Boston Herald/ -- Grade: A -- "The thought of watching a documentary on 
possible voting fraud may sound as appealing as, say, a PBS special on 
mushroom farming (say, is it pledge week yet?), but "Hacking Democracy" 
(tonight at 9) unravels like a "24" episode...

/TV Guide/: Shocking HBO Film Rocks the Voting Process -- shocking 
revelations about the vulnerability of the software and hardware.

/Baltimore Sun/: The premium cable channel hits it out of the park again 
with "Hacking Democracy", a timely and chilling look at alarming 
problems in the way our votes are counted. It is hard to imagine any 
network or cable channel offering a documentary this season that is more 
important to the civic life of the nation -- let alone one that is so 
compelling and ultimately moving.

For links to these and dozens more reviews, go to Google News -- 
<http://news.google.com/nwshp?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&tab=wn&q=> -- and 
enter the search term "Hacking Democracy"

What Black Box Voting hopes will result from this film: More citizen 
involvement, and in the short term, citizen oversight through use of 
video cameras and public records for the Nov. 7 election. For tips on 
how to oversee and gather evidence on Nov. 7, use the Citizens Tool Kit: 
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Watch HBO special: "Hacking Democracy" - Nov. 2, 2006 9pm Eastern time. 
This will pull new citizens into action - Plan on having a House Party 
Nov. 2 and after watching the film, pass out "How to audit the 
election", "How to monitor the counting" and "How to request public 
records" tool kit modules.

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