[E-voting] HBO "Hacking Democracy" video now available on Google Video (link below)

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>>Subject: [E-voting] HBO "Hacking Democracy" to air tonight - REVIEWS
>>Is there any way we can see this programme here in Ireland? I 
>>think HBO will be airing it for a month in the USA.
>>11-2-06: HBO "Hacking Democracy" to air tonight -- REVIEWS
>>*Airs Nov. 2 on HBO at 9 pm Eastern (check local listings)
>>/New York Times/: "Rigged voting in Louisiana? Say it ain't 
>>so. But it's not shocked-shocked you feel watching this; it's 
>>genuine shock. As the drama proceeds, adducing more evidence 
>>for the unreliability of the voting machines than can 
>>possibly be explored here, you might also feel flattened. 
>>Computers count around 80 percent of votes in America. The 
>>marketing director for Diebold, Mark Radke, who defends both 
>>the company and its chief executive ... talks in maddening 
>>doublespeak and wears the arched-eyebrow expression of a 
>>silent-movie fiend. His Nixon-era nondenial denials turn the stomach.
>>/Boston Herald/ -- Grade: A -- "The thought of watching a 
>>documentary on possible voting fraud may sound as appealing 
>>as, say, a PBS special on mushroom farming (say, is it pledge 
>>week yet?), but "Hacking Democracy" 
>>(tonight at 9) unravels like a "24" episode...
>>/TV Guide/: Shocking HBO Film Rocks the Voting Process -- 
>>shocking revelations about the vulnerability of the software 
>>and hardware.
>>/Baltimore Sun/: The premium cable channel hits it out of the 
>>park again with "Hacking Democracy", a timely and chilling 
>>look at alarming problems in the way our votes are counted. 
>>It is hard to imagine any network or cable channel offering a 
>>documentary this season that is more important to the civic 
>>life of the nation -- let alone one that is so compelling and 
>>ultimately moving.
>>For links to these and dozens more reviews, go to Google News 
>>-- http://news.google.com/nwshp?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&tab=wn&q=
=> -- and enter the search term "Hacking Democracy"
>>What Black Box Voting hopes will result from this film: More 
>>citizen involvement, and in the short term, citizen oversight 
>>through use of video cameras and public records for the Nov. 
>>7 election. For tips on how to oversee and gather evidence on 
>>Nov. 7, use the Citizens Tool Kit: 
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>>Watch HBO special: "Hacking Democracy" - Nov. 2, 2006 9pm 
>>Eastern time. 
>>This will pull new citizens into action - Plan on having a 
>>House Party Nov. 2 and after watching the film, pass out "How 
>>to audit the election", "How to monitor the counting" and 
>>"How to request public records" tool kit modules.
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