[E-voting] encryption compromised by hardware

Patrick J Kobly patrick at kobly.com
Mon Nov 20 16:07:34 GMT 2006

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> On Monday 20 November 2006 12:47, jm at jmason.org wrote:
>> http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=358210 -- Ken Thompson, _Reflections
>> on Trusting Trust_ ;)
> One has to be a member of ACM to access this.
> However, I remember reading it many years ago and finding it interesting
> and instructive.

Is a publicly accessible copy of the work.  This is a very instructive 
work that should be read by anyone working on e-voting issues.  Though 
not saying anything direct about e-voting, it does raise the one 
fundamental flaw of any e-voting system without independent audit 
capability (voter verified audit trail that is actually audited).  This 
is the huge assumption made by most cryptographers developing 
crypto-protocols for reliable e-voting.  The assumption is that the 
system the user interacts with acts as a faithful agent of the user with 
respect to encrypting, recording and displaying vote data.  Thompson 
talks about why this assumption cannot be made (and in general any proof 
is illusory).


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