[E-voting] Nedap voting machines successfully hacked

Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Wed Oct 4 21:11:16 IST 2006

On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 08:41:32PM +0100, Margaret McGaley wrote:
> Something like:
> Margaret McGaley highlighted that it is the machines themselves that are 
> at risk. "This particular issue is not about the vote counting software, 
> which we already know must be replaced, this is about the machines that 
> the Taoiseach has claimed were 'validated beyond any question'. We now 
> have proof that these machines can be made to lie about the votes that 
> have been cast on them. It is abundantly clear that these machines would 
> pose a genuine risk to our democracy if used in elections in Ireland."

That's particularly good, excellent :-) 

btw, there is an open invitation from our Dutch friends to visit if
anyone wants to see the machines in action for themselves. I can put
anyone up if anyone wants to come over.

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