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Well done Colm & to the Dutch team. Heard the coverage on the main news headlines on RTE1 @ 9:00am

Interesting to note that in the CEV report they said 

"The main hardware components of the system, namely the voting machine, the
programming/reading unit and the ballot module are of good quality and design. They are robust
against failure and are well suited to their purpose."

Though they did cover their ass a little by continuing

"Further investigation, refinement, testing and
independent certification of these components would however be necessary before they could be
recommended for use at elections in Ireland. Specific areas for improvement include user access
controls and device authentication measures on the voting machine and programming/reading unit
and data integrity and security measures on the ballot module."

Another nail into the coffin of the current system. And everyone using the system internationally must be wetting themselves :-)



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>>> stations may have picked up on it also. I assume that is 
>>down to your 
>>> direct contact re.. the press conference. Great work Colm!
>>There's a link up now for the Morning Ireland segment;
>>	http://www.rte.ie/news/2006/1005/morningireland.html
>>Very good coverage, especially considering that the RTE 
>>european affairs office put this into action on close to zero notice!
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