[E-voting] First english language paper

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu Oct 5 13:51:15 IST 2006

There's so much good stuff in here:

'It also shows how radio emanations from an unmodified ES3B can be
received at several meters distance and be used to tell who votes what.'

'According to the product datasheet, typical applications for this lock
[the locks used on the voting computer] include 'copy machines and office
furniture'. Even if spare keys were not so readily available: this is
quite literally the type of lock we can open with a bent paperclip.'

'one would ideally want a system in which a program already in the
processor domain can use the presence of cryptographic signatures to
evaluate whether or not it wants to execute/install a newer program. The
Nedap ES3B is in essence a very expensive 1980's home computer. It is not
a system that can be retrofitted with the same security-enabling features
that today's low-cost mobile phones, pay-TV decoders and game consoles
come with.'

great paper.


Margaret McGaley writes:
> Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
> > http://www.wijvertrouwenstemcomputersniet.nl/images/9/91/Es3b-en.pdf
> >
> > More to come :-)
> "The Nedap ES3B, regardless of its suitability for elections, is a great 
> system to play with. We
> much enjoyed our renewed acquaintance with the ESBs vintage electronics. 
> The fact that it uses no
> PALs or other custom components make it a very easy system to come to 
> grips with. When the
> ES3B is no longer used for elections, the sudden availability of such a 
> large number of systems
> might make it an interesting system that could be used to teach young 
> people about the history and
> basics of computers. We might even put a QWERTY overlay on the keyboard 
> and port a BASIC
> interpreter to it."
> I love it.
> Margaret
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