[E-voting] Nedap's reaction

Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Thu Oct 5 22:08:43 IST 2006

I never thought Nedap were entirely clueless, but this takes the
biscuit. Their reaction is now up at;


Their line is that the machine is functioning exactly as they would
expect, that these are known limitations, and that rather than be called
"We don't trust these voting computers" the Dutch group should be called
"We don't trust elections officials".

As Schneier says;


    "If you can't get the threat model right, you can't hope to secure 
    the system".

That NEDAP might be so scurulous as to be willing to accept that
election officials would be able to rig the election easily enough is
one thing, but that they wouldn't be concerned that the secrecy element
is so heavily compromised? Have they that little concern for their
own reputation as to not take that even a little bit seriously? It
would appear so.

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