[E-voting] Nedap machine software updates

Ryan Meade ryan at meade.net
Mon Oct 9 23:23:54 IST 2006

On 09/10/2006 16:33, "John Lambe" <jlambe at johnlambe.com> wrote:

> On Wed, 4 Oct 2006 17:32:15 +0100, Colm MacCarthaigh wrote:
>> They can't, because the code is changed slightly for each election,
>> depends on the candidates and so on.
> I thought I read somewhere that the candidate list was held in the ballot
> module, programmed with these details (maybe from the counting software)
> before
> the election.
> I could be wrong.

That's correct, the candidates are set up in the *snigger* Integrated
Election Software on a PC attached to a "Programming/reading unit (PRU)"
which programmes the modules.

However Colm is probably correct to say that the code in the machines
themselves will be updated between elections - at the time the plans to use
the machines were scrapped in 2004, the machines were still waiting to be
updated to allow them to run the citizenship referendum alongside the local
and European elections.


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