[E-voting] Questions in Dáil

Michael McMahon michael at hexmedia.com
Tue Oct 17 21:42:57 IST 2006

Keith Martin wrote:
> Today's Leaders' Questions is now up on the web.  You can see it (in a
> bizzare format) at
> http://debates.oireachtas.ie/DDebate.aspx?F=DAL20061017.xml&Node=H7&Page=6
> It starts with the section "Mr Rabbitte" under Leaders' Questions.
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The spin machine is moving into top-gear. Bertie is quoting headlines 
from today's Dutch newspapers.

"The anti-electronic voting campaign group in the Netherlands physically 
hacked into a machine to
demonstrate security flaws. If one hacked into a ballot box one could do 
that too.
It is important to note that the Commission on Electronic Voting made 
recommendations on
how the physical and electronic security of the system could be improved.
I understand the Dutch Government has stated publicly that the 
revelations had
no implications for the forthcoming elections.
I note from media reports, which I received this morning,
this is the view of the Dutch national media too."

He still doesn't see the difference between hacking software on a 
computer, which is invisible and undetectable,
.. and "hacking" a ballot box ... whatever that means ????

It's interesting that Nedap's response to the Dutch hackers was that 
they obviously don't trust
election officials. Well, the only way a ballot box could be "hacked" 
could be if you didn't trust
election officials, because they are the only people who can interfere 
with them.

Bertie also said something about "thousands of votes in our elections 
that are not stamped".
Is it really the case that thousands of votes are not stamped?
Is he misleading the Dail here with this???
There may be thousands of votes spoiled by voters, but not stamped, 
implies being
disenfranchised by the state.

- Michael.

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