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Fergal Daly fergal at esatclear.ie
Wed Oct 25 12:51:52 IST 2006

This is so annoying. I sent a detailed response last time which they
published in full


(which of course, he does not link to in his "previous coverage" section)

As far as I can see, he makes no new points in this article.

He is an A1 fuck-wit and I regret giving him the page-impressions it
took for me to find the new and old articles,


On 25/10/06, Margaret McGaley <mmcgaley at cs.nuim.ie> wrote:
> Michael McMahon wrote:
> > I sent them a response as well.
> >
> Me too :)
> ---
> Dear Mr Greene,
> I was disappointed by your article "Irish e-voting emerges from the
> crypt" in the Register today. For one thing, you seem to misunderstand
> what we "activists" want when we call for a paper record. As far as I am
> aware, everyone who is calling for mandatory paper records intends that
> they be _the_ official record of votes cast. Any discrepancy between
> electronic and paper ballots is easily resolved - paper takes precedence.
> You also agree with an Taoiseach's statement that "the anti-electronic
> voting campaign group in the Netherlands physically hacked into a
> machine to demonstrate security flaws. If one hacked into a ballot box
> one could do that too". Please explain to me how a ballot box can be
> undetectably altered so that a ballot cast into it would be changed by
> the time it hit the bottom of the box.
> I agree that no voting system can be better than the security
> arrangments that are integral to it. A badly designed e-voting system
> which incorporated paper ballots could be worse than anything we've seen
> yet. However, the best security arrangments in the world will not make
> paperless e-voting safe. As with any other computer system you could
> name, you can only consider it safe and reliable if you can audit it
> (independently of the system's own claims about itself), and currently
> the only way you can audit a secret-ballot election is with paper
> ballots verified by individual voters.
> Margaret McGaley
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