[E-voting] E-voting machines to be used in UK

Colm MacCarthaigh colm at stdlib.net
Wed Oct 25 13:30:40 IST 2006

On Wed, Oct 25, 2006 at 01:17:30PM +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 October 2006 12:40, Dr J Pelan wrote:
> > An analogy with postal voting, which is already disastrous in the UK,
> > suffices as the risks of personation, vote-selling, intimidation and
> > secrecy are just the same.
> In what way is postal voting "disastrous" in the UK?
> Exaggeration, in my view, is counter-productive.

They've had huge fraud investigations (Bradford being the largest
examples) and arrests;


I think "disastrous" is too kind a term, personally.

> To my mind, one of the most cogent arguments in the UK
> was the study by the Electoral Reform Society
> which showed that electronic voting did not increase voting numbers,
> and in fact had a small negative influence.


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