[E-voting] E-voting machines to be used in UK

Louise Ferguson louise.ferguson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 14:12:27 IST 2006

On 25/10/06, Dr J Pelan <J.Pelan at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
> > To my mind, one of the most cogent arguments in the UK was the study by
> > the Electoral Reform Society which showed that electronic voting did not
> > increase voting numbers, and in fact had a small negative influence.
> The ERS report was in regard to turnout and I don't see its relevance in
> this context of security and probity. It is also not entirely meaningful,
> suffering as it does from novelty and other effects which only a long-term
> study over a number of successive local and national elections could
> exclude. In my opinion, turnout rests on political engagement, not voting
> technology.

The turnout issue is highly relevant, as each and every move by the UK
government on e-voting has been accompanied by the turnout argument (but
without any supporting turnout facts). No, it's not a meanigful argument (
e.g. additional marketing paid for by central government, headlines in the
local papers on novelty etc etc), but it does need to be refuted every time
it's trundled out.

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