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Wed Oct 25 15:55:22 IST 2006


ICTE today renewed demands for the creation of an independent electoral 
commission. "Our electoral system is too important to be used as a 
political football. All decisions about its future should - without delay - be 
put in the hands of a permanent commission, as is considered best 
practice by the Council of Europe [1]." said Margaret McGaley.

Dermot Casey continued: "Given the obviously politicising of the 
e-voting issues and the ongoing difficulties with the e-voting machines 
purchased by the State, ICTE are issuing an urgent demand for the 
creation of an independent electoral commission to ensure the integrity 
of the Irish electoral process before it consigned to the scrapheap of 
political expediency."

"An independent commission would be able to make decisions that are in 
the best interest of Irish citizens, without being concerned about 
political fallout. The Government are presently not approaching the 
situation rationally. There is no cost-benefit analysis; the Government 
is making commitments to use the system before even costing anything; 
the central issue - VVAT (voter verified audit trail) - remains 
unexamined despite the CEV's finding that the electronic record was not 
subject to meaningful audit. They went as far as to say that the paper 
system is superior to the electronic system because the latter has no 
VVAT. [2]" said Colm MacCarthaigh.

Code of Good Practice in Electoral Matters (Venice Commission)
    http://www.venice.coe.int/docs/2002/CDL-AD(2002 <http://www.venice.coe.int/docs/2002/CDL-AD%282002>)023rev-e.asp

[2] in section 5.2 of the CEV's 2nd report (C10)

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