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Looks very good.

First use of ICTE should be spelled out.

Make up some titles for the 3 people quoted (e.g., co-founder, member, 
PRO, etc.)

Reiterate ICTE's purpose at the end.


Margaret McGaley wrote:

> ICTE today renewed demands for the creation of an independent 
> electoral commission. "Our electoral system is too important to be 
> used as a political football. All decisions about its future should - 
> without delay - be put in the hands of a permanent commission, as is 
> considered best practice by the Council of Europe [1]." said Margaret 
> McGaley.
> Dermot Casey continued: "Given the obviously politicising of the 
> e-voting issues and the ongoing difficulties with the e-voting 
> machines purchased by the State, ICTE are issuing an urgent demand for 
> the creation of an independent electoral commission to ensure the 
> integrity of the Irish electoral process before it consigned to the 
> scrapheap of political expediency."
> "An independent commission would be able to make decisions that are in 
> the best interest of Irish citizens, without being concerned about 
> political fallout. The Government are presently not approaching the 
> situation rationally. There is no cost-benefit analysis; the 
> Government is making commitments to use the system before even costing 
> anything; the central issue - VVAT (voter verified audit trail) - 
> remains unexamined despite the CEV's finding that the electronic 
> record was not subject to meaningful audit. They went as far as to say 
> that the paper system is superior to the electronic system because the 
> latter has no VVAT. [2]" said Colm MacCarthaigh.
> [1]
> Code of Good Practice in Electoral Matters (Venice Commission)
>    http://www.venice.coe.int/docs/2002/CDL-AD(2002 
> <http://www.venice.coe.int/docs/2002/CDL-AD%282002>)023rev-e.asp
> [2] in section 5.2 of the CEV's 2nd report (C10)
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