David GLAUDE dglaude at poureva.be
Thu Oct 26 21:50:43 IST 2006

I do not like the concept of "independent" electoral commission.

I must say that I do not like either the concept of Returning Officer.

I am in a country without such a commission and I have seen an african
country where such a commission was pushing for eVoting and where
political party had a hard way opposing those view because of the so
called "independancy" of the commission. (I need to google this)

What are the rationale for having such a thing?
Why do you think it will be better with it?
Don't you think that this problem is orthogonal to electronic voting?

For me, election matter should be handle by the citizen.
Since it is not always practicaly possible for every step, it must be
other body to decide and control each other.

In Belgium it is the interior administration that do organise the
practical things. They handle the citizen database so they know who are
the voter.

The election worker are citizen, it is the judiciar system that do lead
the chain of command and the centralisation of local data and they
choose among citizen who is going to be president of voting places.
Those president choose who is going to be pool worker.

The validation of the election is done by the newly elected themself (I
know it sound silly but that was the way to avoid external influance).

I hope this will help this debate. Belgian system might be complex to
explain (at least for me in english and in writing).


Ciaran Quinn wrote:
> Dr J Pelan wrote:
>> On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Margaret McGaley wrote:
>>> ICTE today renewed demands for the creation of an independent
>>> electoral commission.
>> I'd qualify this. The UK's independent electoral commission sounds
>> great and it does great work but its remit is determined entirely by
>> the Government. It cannot instigate an arbitrary study or make any
>> recommendation off its own bat. The danger might be, as with the CEV,
>> you get an independent commission which cannot stray off its leash.
>> -- 
>> John P.
> The Netherlands also has an independent electoral council - and they
> still got a system without an audit trail. Link: http://www.kiesraad.nl/uk/
> Before releasing the press release, are there any independent
> commissions in other countries that have introduced non-VVAT e-voting?
> Ciaran

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