[E-voting] Appeals to the Information Commisioner - progress and obstacles

Ciaran Quinn election at polarbears.com
Mon Oct 30 12:11:49 GMT 2006

Joe McCarthy wrote:
> I have seven appeals running with the Information Commissioner since 
> 2003 and I received the first decision from her on 10th October.  She 
> found in my favour on all 7 records relating to release of tally 
> data.  I will post this information on fiasco.ie when I receive it.
> But I also received the attached letter from her.  Two similar letters 
> re case 040103 and case 031018 also arrived.
> Her Investigator is now suggesting that Section 23 of the FoI Act will 
> be applied to prevent me getting various records because "/access 
> could reasonably be expected to facilitate the commission of an 
> offence/".  The offence in question is to "/wilfully and without 
> authority interfere with any voting system equipment/".
No reasonable person expects the Nedap/Powervote system to be used in 
Ireland again. Therefore, releasing access to information cannot 
reasonably be expected to facilitate interference with voting system 
equipment. The Nedap/Powervote machines stored in warehouses around the 
country are now antique, historical artefacts.

As others have pointed out, if the information could be used to hack the 
system then NOT releasing the information could facilitate interfering 
with the voting system equipment by corrupt election officials. For 
example, if it was discovered that there was a secret opening in some 
ballot boxes whereby someone could bypass the seals and change the 
votes, it would be important to make this information public so that 
these ballot boxes were not used in elections.

Given that curruption has previously reached the highest levels of the 
Dept. of the Environment, with a former minister being pronounced 
officially corrupt by a judicial tribunal, it is clearly in the public 
interest that any information which could be used to corrupt the 
election process be released to the public


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