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> And in English;
> http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2006/10/30/europe/EU_GEN_Netherlands_Voting_Machines.php

The article says that permission to use machines made by Sdu NV has been 
withdrawn, because it has been demonstrated that you can eavesdrop on them 
by picking up the electronic "noise" they generate.

  The government on Monday banned the use of one common type of
  computer voting machine, fearing that secret ballots may not
  be kept secret. It ordered a review of all electronic machines
  after the Nov. 22 election.

  Government Renewal Minister Atzo Nicolai said the move was
  necessary after an investigation found the machines made by
  Sdu NV emitted radio signals that a technology-savvy spy could
  use to peek at a voters' choices from a distance of up to
  several dozen meters (yards).


  "In short, the machines made by the company Sdu can now be
  tapped, and there are no technical measures that can be taken
  before the upcoming elections that would prevent this tapping
  and guarantee the secrecy of the ballot."

  He said he had revoked the permits for all the machines, about
  10 percent of all voting machines used in the country.

The article refers to Nedap, but it's not clear that the Nedap machines have 
been affected by this decision, despite the fact that "Wij vertrouwen 
stemcomputers niet" demonstrated the "eavesdropping" possibilities on the 
Nedap machine.

Are these Sdu machines significantly different from the Nedap machines?


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