[E-voting] How much will it cost?

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Tue Oct 31 01:09:01 GMT 2006

On Sunday, October 29, 2006 9:32 PM [EDT],
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> The Governments interpretation of those recommendations apparently
> only involves the spending of half a million to replace the counting
> software. And given the non-specific nature of the actual
> recommendations (they could have been written BEFORE the CEV started
> their investigations, they're so generalised), the Government will
> claim that they have fulfilled the recommendations by the time the
> next European/Local elections come around. (And it's not as if anyone
> can stop them, if they decide to go ahead).

The Sunday Business Post reports that Bertie has been challenged on his 
assertion that it will only require half a million to "fix" his electronic 
voting machines.


  Fergus O'Dowd, FG spokesman for Environment, Heritage
  and Local Government, said that Ahern "didn't articulate
  the findings of the commission" and failed to give the
  full facts on the issue. During leaders questions on
  October 17, Ahern said that "[The Commission] was quite
  satisfied that the hardware can work and operate
  effectively," and suggested that the only changes
  required where in the area of software, which would cost

  However the commission report highlighted a number of
  specific areas for improvement in the hardware, saying
  that changes ''would be necessary in order to address
  these issues before the main hardware components of the
  system can confidently be used at elections in Ireland."

  The report also detailed specific areas that required
  improvement such as user access controls and device
  authentication measures. O'Dowd expressed concern at the
  lack of independent scrutiny on e-voting since the
  commission was dissolved in September.

  "The commission is now gone, so who do we trust?" he
  said. "Any changes in the system need to be on an all-
  party basis and should be done by way of a commission.
  That's where you get credibility and support."

  A spokesman for the Department of Environment said that
  the government had no definitive costings for the
  recommended changes. He said the figure quoted by Ahern
  was ''a suggested cost'', but that he did not know who
  suggested it or where it came from.

  Spokesmen from the Department of the Taoiseach said that
  the Taoiseach was speaking from a note supplied by the
  Department of the Environment, although he may have
  misspoke in Dail exchanges.



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